Discography Bundle




Album – All Things Known And Buried

EP – Vol 002 Mercy Flight

Single -Utopia

Format – CD


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Contains all of Left For Red’s current releases on 3 individual Cd’s. Includes: Album – ‘All Things Known And Buried’, their previous EP Vol 001 Mercy Flight and there current single Utopia. Track Listing: ‘All Things Known And Buried’ – Masters Call, Master Of The Game, Crooked Path, Reborn, Echoes Of Strangers, Shatter, Ascension, Dystopia Rising, Utopia, Solace in Memories. ‘Vol 001 Mercy Flight’ – Kneel Before You Die My Obsession Mercy Flight. ‘Utopia’ – Utopia, Empty Shell, Shatter (acoustic). All tracks written and performed by Left For Red apart form Dystopia Rising written and performed by Keren Smith. ‘Empty Shell and Shatter (Acoustic)’ Produced, mixed and mastered by Jay Shredder at Shedder Live Lounge Studios 2016.  All Other Tracks Produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Gittins at Monochrome Production  2015.      
Discography Bundle


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